How to convert YouTube to MP4 video
How to convert YouTube to MP4 video

What is the best YouTube to MP4 converter?

What is a YouTube to MP4 Converter? 

When you watch videos on YouTube, it’s super simple but in some cases, you might want to download YouTube videos as MP4, but how do you convert them? A YouTube to MP4 converter is a simple web tool that you can use to input the YouTube video URL, or ID and get out an MP4 copy of the video. 

These YT to MP4 converters is not only effective at pulling off high-quality videos and audio for you to use offline or send to your friends, but also super-fast. In today’s OnlyQuestion article, we take a look at the best YouTube to MP4 converter tools, and how it all works. Let’s jump straight into it!  

What is the best YouTube to MP4 Converters? 

Downloading and converting YouTube to MP4 can be tricky, but using apps like the ones below will not only help you get the MP4 from a YouTube video quickly but will be high-quality and easy to do. All of these sites can be used on mobile devices, desktop devices (including mac), and any other devices you may use. Let’s find out what the best YouTube to mp4 converters is! 

ClipConverter ( 

One of the longest-standing converters, as well as a highly-used one – ClipConverter is one of the best YouTube to MP4 converters you can get online. Simply find the YouTube URL, ID, or Share Link that you want to convert into an MP4, enter it onto the site and hit convert to get a fresh MP4 within seconds of you clicking the button. 

ClipConverter is also one of the only sites without ads, making it super easy for you to download, convert, and use the videos you want quickly and effectively without being disturbed by pesky ads. Not only this, but ClipConverter can convert into a wide range of other media types, so why not check them out and see what you think?  ( 

Similarly, to CC, ODownloader is another long-standing and highly-used video converter for YouTube. This converter operates in the same way where you must have the YouTube URL, ID, or Share Link to be able to download the MP4 version. ODownloader takes just a few seconds, or minutes depending on the video size to convert and allow you to download the video of your choice. 

Again, ODownloader is probably super popular due to the lack of ads, which can be annoying and intrusive. These ads pop up once in a blue moon, and converting has never been so easy, so why not try ODownloader out and see what you think about it?  

Y2mate ( 

Y2mate is another multi-conversion tool similar to ClipConverter but operates in a slightly different, but faster manner. Y2mate has multiple tools that you can use to convert YouTube videos into other file formats, including MP4. Thankfully, y2mate’s programming allows for the files to be compressed a little bit without losing any quality. 

Although this might not seem like a major breakthrough, being able to compress files means it’s less for you to download, making the whole experience much faster and even more enjoyable. If you think you want to try converting some YouTube videos on y2mate, then this is the one you should check out!  

Best YouTube to MP4 Converters

Can you upload MP4 to YouTube? 

Yes! YouTube allows you to upload a wide variety of file types when it comes to video uploads. As YT/Google does allow for MP4, it also allows for; 

  • .MOV 
  • .MPEG-1 
  • .MPEG-2 
  • .MPEG4 
  • HEVC (h265) 
  • .MP4 
  • .MPG 
  • .3GPP 
  • .WebM (Web movie) 
  • .CineForm 
  • .AVI 
  • .WMV 
  • .MPEGPS 
  • .FLV 

In most cases, MP4 will be the biggest file size, however, it will be the highest quality for you to use. If you want to use these, simply head over to YouTube and upload any one of these files to begin the upload to YouTube.  

How to convert YouTube Videos to MP4? 

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 shouldn’t be too complex, but has been known to in the past be limited by YouTube. Something that had happened in the last year or two, is these sites have integrated with the YouTube API (application programming interface) that allowing for people to take a YouTube video and export it as an MP4. This allows you to download the video fast and effectively.  

Instead of doing this yourself, and using apps or browser add-ons – we suggest you use one of the above tools that allow you to simply enter the video URL or share link, and get the video download within seconds. Please keep in mind that your video may take a while to download to your device depending on the size of the video.  


Overall, converting video files into anything downloadable from YouTube can be a pain, but hopefully, our guide today has helped you under what the best converters for YouTube to MP4 videos are. If you’re looking to get the audio only, why don’t you check out our other article, the best YouTube to MP3 converters and see what it will bring you!  

Thanks for reading, and have fun converting! If you are looking for the best way to download YouTube videos, we suggest using one of the recommended tools above! 

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