What are Hot Taps Called? (Hot Faucets)
What are Hot Taps Called? (Hot Faucets)

What are Hot Taps Called?

Hot Taps or boiling taps are some of the most sought-after and significant taps or faucets that you can get in your home. These taps/faucets are able to create a stream of boiling water at the click of a button, meaning you don’t need a kettle, and can speed up kitchen activities 10-fold. In today’s OnlyQuestion article, we find out what hot or boiling taps are called and where you can buy them.

What are Hot Taps Called? (Hot Faucets)

Hot Taps, Boiling Taps, Hot Faucets, or Boiling Faucets are called exactly that. Hot/boliling taps and are relatively new, only really starting to be used in office buildings and homes that can afford them. Some notable brands of these hot and boiling faucets include Quooker, Grohe, and Franke.

How expensive are Boiling Taps? (Boiling Faucets)

The reason you’ve probably not seen many boiling fuacets around is that they’re super expensive when compared to a normal tap or faucet. Where a normal tap or faucet will set you back anywhere from $30-$70 (£20-£60), a typical boiling tap, such as a Quooker will set you back around $1499 (£1249) with fees and installation costs which is half of the battle.

Although you can get some knock-off brands for in the high-3 figures ($500-$800), we would strongly suggest you buy goods and buy once, rather than have to worry about it breaking and potentially causing damage to your property or body.

Quooker Flex Boiling Tap
Quooker Flex Boiling Tap

Where can you buy a boiling taps?

Buying these kinds of taps is often hard to come by as they are never usually sold by themselves, as these taps do require quite a bit of installation and testing. Because of this, usually, the best place to buy a boiling faucet is from the brand themselves. For example, if you use Quooker for your boiling tap, we would strongly suggest you visit their site and buy it along with the installation process (most likely at a reduced cost if you were to get a private installer) to give you the best shot.

Conclusion on HotFaucets/Taps

If you’re looking for a boiling faucet or hot tap, we would strongly recommend Quooker as they were the first, and are currently the industry leader for boiling taps around the world. Enjoyed this article, and did it help answer your question? Let us know in the comments down below!

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