What is a Drill Brush?

What is a Drill Brush?

In the valeting world, one of the most disgusting things to clean is carpets, as they can full of stains and other nasties. In some cases, stains can be so tough to remove, that an extractor alone can’t remove them. A drill brush can help with that.

A brush is a small tool (an attachment) that can be installed in your drill. Commonly, you will get a brush that has hundreds of bristles, with a drill connection. When you plug this into your drill, you can change the power and how hard you brush on your carpet.

When should I use a drill brush?

You can use a drill brush whenever you feel like it. A brush is simply a more direct and a more in-depth clean, meaning there are no rules on when you can or can’t use the brush.

The most common use for a brush is on carpets in your car. When the carpet is filthy or has a very complex stain, a brush will help lift the more deep-seated dirt to allow you to extract it better. You would commonly use drill brushes with extractors and cleaning fluid to help lift the dirt easier. 

Note: You should never go all out with a brush, as your carpet may be old, or not very lenient with a brush, and cause damage to it permanently. Always try on a test patch first, like under a seat where no one would see it without looking directly. 

What kind of drill brush should I get?

There are several types of drill brushes, some for softer, certain types of carpet and some that are just hard bristles. Depending on your carpet, you can get many types. 

A lot of brushes are very cost-effective and come in multi-packs. One of the X in the multi-pack should work fine. 

What are the best drill brushes?

What are the best drill brushes?
What are the best drill brushes?

We would recommend any brush for your DIY detailing or valeting journey as they come in handy everywhere. We would say the following five, however, are the best!

  1. Holkme 4-Piece Brush Set (for Car Cleaning)





In Conclusion

For whatever reason you don’t already have one, we strongly recommend you get a drill brush even if you only plan to valet your car once. These can be very easy to install and are very cheap, so it is worth every penny. Find out more here on OnlyQuestion.

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