What is GoGoAnime?

What is GoGoAnime?

What is GoGoAnime? 

GoGoAnime is an online website that allows you to watch anime and read manga from the moment it’s released. Similarly, Crunchyroll will likely have to watch ads (unless you have an adblocker), but it provides a massive range of anime videos, playlists and manga for you to enjoy free of charge. 

In today’s OnlyQuestion article, we discover what is gogoanime, and some more questions we’ve been asked about it! Let’s jump straight into it!

Is GoGoAnime safe? 

GoGoAnime in itself is safe. Although the website does have a large number of advertisements which it is assumed to pay for the site, the content on the site is likely to be obtained through malicious sources. This means that the publishers and animators (such as Shonen Jump) have likely not provided permission for them to use the anime videos and manga listed on the site.  

Despite this, GoGoAnime does have a disclaimer listed on site, stating that all the videos and anime listed on the site, are not actually stored on-site preventing the owners of gogo anime from being held responsible for this. 

In short, we believe Go Go Anime is safe but should be used with caution due to ads that are displayed on the website! If you noticed anything out of the ordinary, then we suggest you use one of the alternatives to Go Go Anime below this content! 

Why is GoGoAnime not loading? 

Many users of GoGoAnime have claimed that videos are not loading, or are having issues when trying to play the anime they want to watch. This can be a simple fix, and in most cases it is. When you click to watch a video, underneath the video you may see a list of other streaming sites that could play the video. Some examples of this could be Vidstream, MyCloud, Filemoon, or Streamtape.  

Multiple Streaming Options for Anime

Playing around with the streamer server can be the first and very easiest fix for you to try. Something else to try is to try on another device to see if a phone, or laptop is having the same issue. If you are, we suggest you try troubleshooting with our friends over at TechSplat, as they troubleshoot all kinds of devices to help fix this issue.  

Is GoGoAnime down? 

With GoGoAnime being somewhat frowned upon, the site is prone to going up and down and changing domain names quite frequently. At the moment, the domain for GoGoAnime is simply GoGoAnime.nl (Netherlands-domain name).  

A good way to see if Go Go Anime is down is to check their social media pages, or simply search on social media like Twitter, you will probably get a very quick response if the site is down. As we’ve already mentioned, if the site is down for only you – then you can head over to our friends at TechSplat to see if they can help!  

Another quick fix for seeing if GoGoAnime is down or not working, then you can simply try on another device, or ask a friend to see if they can use the site – this can lead to some easy knowledge to see if the site is experiencing problems, or if it’s just your device.  

What can I watch on GoGoAnime? 

GoGoAnime has a massive catalogue of anime for you to watch or manga for you to read through. Go Go Anime has some popular anime shows such as; 

  • Naruto (Shippuden and the first series) 
  • Boruto 
  • Ya Boy Kongming 
  • How to Summon a Demon Lord 
  • A Silent Voice 
  • Shikimoris not just a Cutie 
  • Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai 
  • Attack on Titan 
  • Ao Chan Cant Study 
  • Rent a Girlfriend (anime) 
  • And about 3000 more!  
Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Anime
Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Anime

What are the alternatives to GoGoAnime? 

As the GoGoAnime official has a somewhat shaky status, we’re sure that you need a few alternatives to GoGoAnime to make sure your anime-watching experience is never interrupted. Below are just some of the best you can try for free – as an alternative to GoGoAnime.  

Crunchyroll (crunchyroll.com)  

One of the biggest, and one of the only major-licensed online anime and manga streaming sites. We’re sure you’ve heard of it, but with over 5000+ episodes that are all free to play (with an ad in the middle of episodes), you can watch any of these episodes without interruption.

Crunchyroll is also one of the fastest to get new series and episodes, meaning you get to see it just as fast as the Japanese anime channels do.  Streaming all of your favourite anime that you can watch online either on your mobile phone or on a desktop – we’re sure you’ll love Crunchyroll.

Although Crunchyroll is free to watch, they also have a premium that you can try for free and this has zero ads, zero limits and you can even watch along with a friend! We strongly suggest you try the trial and see how you feel – especially if you love to binge-watch anime series! 

Zoro.to (zoro.to) 

The platform Zoro.to is one of the better free-to-watch anime sites that you can use in replacement for GGA. Zoro is not only full of amazing content, but they also have some of the easiest-to-watch systems. You can simply access the site, sign in to get just a single 30-second ad per anime episode/film and get uninterrupted content. 

Not only is Zoro.to one of the best alternatives, it’s also completely free. Why not check them out and see what it’s all about, as they seem to be much more stable when compared to GoGoAnime if they’re down! Have a look and let us know what you think! 

4anime (4anime.gg) 

If you’re not getting along with Crunchyroll and Zoro, then 4anime might be your next call. This anime streaming site is very similar in both design and features to Zoro, however, it does have a few more ads, but are never in-episode, meaning you can watch a full episode (or two if you’re lucky) without having to watch or click on any ads. 

4anime is relatively safe, but as mentioned – there are a few ads so take caution when clicking around the site. We suggest you take a look at 4anime if you’re wanting to experience the best of anime without having to pay for any subscriptions!  


All in all, Go Go Anime is a great place to watch anime for free, whilst staying legal. Although we can’t confirm if the sites in question are licensed (apart from Crunchyroll), we can still strongly suggest the above sites. Let us know how your experience with the sites was, and let us know your favourite animes!  

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