Where is Coffee made?

Where is Coffee made?

Do you want to know where coffee is made? Coffee is the third most consumed beverage around the world after water and tea. And to match the high demand for it around the world, some countries have taken a huge lead in its production. 

What Countries Produce the Most Coffee?

Below is a list of countries that are known for producing the most coffee for consumption around the world!


Brazil produces 63.4 million bags of 60kg of coffee per year. Nearly 6.7 million acres of coffee Bushes are planted in more than 2000 local jurisdictions and across 16 states in Brazil, making it the number one coffee-producing country in the world. 


Vietnam is the second most producing country for coffee in the world, it makes 29 million bags of 60kg of coffee per year, Vietnamese people usually drink coffee with condensed milk or in a cappuccino made with egg. 

Where is Coffee made?
Where is Coffee made?


Colombia produces 14.3 million bags of 60kg coffee per year, and is the 3rd coffee-producing country in the world Colombian coffee is prized for its aromatic, mild, and fruity flavours. 


Some of the rarest coffees in the Western world originate in Indonesia, including Kopi Luwak—a type of bean that has been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Coffee made from these coffee beans might cost you anywhere between $35 to $100 per cup. 


Known for its full-flavoured, down-to-earth, and full-bodied coffee beans, Ethiopia is the country that gave us the Arabica coffee plant. Today this type of coffee is considered to be the most widely sold in cafes and restaurants across the world. 

How is coffee created?

Coffee has multiple production steps that are taken to ensure that the coffee you drink is safe for consumption, and not just the berries that coffee is made from. We’ve written a whole other article about how coffee is made, so take a look at it here, one our post “How coffee is made“!

Conclusion on where Coffee is Made

All in all, coffee is a great drink that most people will try in their lifetimes because of all the talkative buzz, and the buzz it can give you! For more questions, let us know down in the comments but for now, thanks for reading our article and we hope you learnt more about coffee!

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