Who are the Island Boys?

Who are the Island Boys?

The Island boys are two twins (brothers) who gained a massive following on the social platform TikTok. The Island Boys are an American Hip-Hop duo made up of Franky Vengas a.k.a Kodiyakredd, and Alex Vengas, a.k.a Flyysoulja. 

Are the Island Boys Rappers? 

Yes! The Island Boys grew into stardom from their TikTok activities, and this was mostly rapping to their audiences. Alex (Flyysoulja) was the one behind the idea for “Island Boys” the song, and in 2022, would be bringing in an annual income of circa $50,000 a year. However, we will look into this more below.  

How did the Island Boys get Rich? 

The Island Boys aren’t actually super rich but do have a wealthy income compared to before they started their rocket to fame. As we’ve already mentioned, their hit song “Island Boys” is just one of many songs produced by the Island Boys, and brings in plenty of income for them to use each year. 

Not to mention that the duo has their own TikTok with millions of views every week, and a YouTube channel to match with fewer followers, but over 9 million views. This number will no doubt grow when they release more music.  

Are the Island Boys Criminals? 

According to various sources, including Wikipedia – the boys have been in trouble numerous times throughout their upbringing. In their teens, the twins often committed crimes such as burglaries, and stealing vehicles. 

We were unable to obtain images of this, however, it is mentioned in several places on the internet.  

The boys have also caused a few controversies in their time, starting virtual and physical arguments and fights with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Kevin Heart, Logan Paul and Jake Paul, as well as some of their fans. 

Are the Island Boys twins? 

Yes, the Island boys are twins, however, their parents are unknown. It’s believed that the Island twins have a Cuban heritage, explaining that their father died when they were young and were raised by their single mother at the time. 

The Island Boys

Do the Island Boys have kids? 

Although unconfirmed, we believe Alex (Flyysoulja) does have a daughter. It’s unknown if Franky Vegas has any kids, but it’s assumed not.  

How old are they? 

At the time of writing the Island Boys are 21 years of age. They were both born (due to being twins) on the 16th July 2001. 


Overall, the Island Boys have grown into stardom but have had a very rickety past with their life and experiences already, at the age of 21. We wish the Island Boys the best of luck going forward in the future, and we’re sure they’ll continue to make their music and videos over on TikTok.  For other questions and answers, take a look through OnlyQuestion.com.

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