Who is Emma Raducanu?

Who is Emma Raducanu?

Have you heard the name Emma Raducanu before? We’re sure you have! This amazing young tennis player is sweeping the nation with her ability to play world-class tennis at such a young age! In today’s OnlyQuestion article, we take a look at who Emma Raducanu is! Let’s jump straight in!

Who is Emma Raducanu?

Emma Radacanu is a Canadian-born British Tennis player who has taken the world by storm in the last few years. Emma Raducanu is currently ranked as the British Women’s No.1 by the WTA tour and continues to amaze the world with her ability to play world-class tennis.

She is a right-handed player, and so far in her career (from 07/22) has won 85 games, and lost 37 games.

Where is Raducanu from?

Raducanu was born in Toronto, Canada but moved to the UK with her parents (Ian and Renee Raducanu) when she was 2 years old. Emma and her parents currently live around Bromley in South-East London.

Emma’s parents, Ian and Renee are both British nationals, however, Ian is of Romanian descent and Renee of Chinese.

What are some of her Achievements?

Emma is relatively new to major tournaments as she’s so young, but has already taken the world by sport with her amazing shots and already is ranking much higher than other tennis players. Emma is currently ranked No.10 for Women’s Singles and No.1 for British women’s Singles!

Considering Emma only turned pro in 2018, she’s already achieved;

  • US Open Grand Slam Title (Winner – 2021)
  • ITF NECC-Deccan (Winner – 2019)
  • US Open Grand Slam (Quater-Finalist – 2018)
  • Wimbledon (Quater-Finalist – 2018)
  • LTA British Tour Masters (Winner – 2020)
  • Wimbledon (Fourth-Round – 2021)

Not to mention her extensive list already of Personality awards such as;

  • BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award (2021)
  • Laureus World Sports Award for Breakthrough of the Year (2022)
  • Best Female Tennis Player ESPY Award

We have a feeling that we’ll need to keep updating this list going forward as she’s smashing all the tournaments she plays in!

How old is Emma Raducanu?

What does Emma Raducanu do?

Radacanu is a British women’s tennis player. At the moment, Emma only plays singles against other women in tournaments, however, Emma has expressed interest in doubles at some point in her career.

How much prize money has Emma Raducanu earnt?

So far, Raducanu has earnt $3.4 Million USD (as of Q3 2022) in her Tennis career. The most notable chunk of this was from the US Open where she claimed the title as well as $2.5 million USD.

How tall is Emma Raducanu?

At the time of writing, Emma Raducanu is 5ft 7 (175cm).

How old is Emma Raducanu?

Emma Raducanu is currently 19 years old and was born on November 13th, 2002 in Toronto, Canada.

What Tennis Racket does Emma Raducanu use?

From our analysis, we’re confident that Emma uses the Wilson Steam 100 BLX. This is a very commonly used racket by top tennis players, such as Roger Federer as well as Emma herself. You can find out more about the Wilson Steam 100 BLX here.


Overall, Raducanu is an amazing tennis player who will continue to impress the world with her amazing tennis skills. We wish Emma the best of luck going forward and can’t wait to see her win more majors soon! Good luck Emma!

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