Who is Yahoo?
Who is Yahoo?

What is Yahoo?

Have you ever wondered who Yahoo are? Yahoo are one of the biggest, and oldest media companies – that was one of the biggest browser search engines in its peak. Yahoo is still growing today, but in today’s OnlyQuestion article, we take a look at everything you need to know about Yahoo

What is Yahoo? 

Yahoo is a multi-nation media company that was founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. The business itself is a global media and technology company that helps empower connections between people and their passions such as sports, entertainment, finance, and browsing. 

It has since gone from a search engine how it initially started out, into an advertising network, email provider, and multi-site news platform. Not only this, but the company are behind brands like Autoblog, TechCrunch, Engadget and many more that we’re sure you’ll have heard of such as AOL.  

Where is Yahoo based? 

Yahoo was founded at Stanford University in the USA. Currently, Yahoo’s headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California in the United States. This is also where both founders helped develop the business platform.  

What are Yahoo’s Subsidiaries? 

Yahoo has many subsidiaries but is just one subsidiary of Apollo Global Management. The business themselves are parents to several country-based companies all around the business (such as YHO Asia), but also have Flurry, Overture, Zimbra, and Actionality. Tumblr is also a company that is owned by both this business and Automattic.  

Who founded Yahoo? 

Yahoo was founded by two internet pioneers, Jerry Yang and David Filo. In January 1994, they both decided to make an internet search engine (as they were both from Stanford University) and grew it into the sizeable business it is today. 

Jerry Yang and David Filo, the Founders of Yahoo

Today, Jerry Yang is a billionaire and has his own venture capital firm. David Filo is similar; however, he has his own software called Filo. Both founders are billionaires in their own right.  

How much money did Yahoo make this year? 

According to Google, Yahoo made $1.33 billion USD of revenue in 2021.  Although these stats can’t be confirmed for sure, we believe that Google will have the correct information. If this is outdated, please let us know and we will do our best to keep this updated!

Who is the current CEO of Yahoo? 

The current CEO position of Yahoo is held by Jim Lanzone. Jim Lanzone has been in this position since 2021. Formerly, Jim Lanzone was the CEO of Tinder and CBS Interactive, which operated massive websites and businesses such as GameSpot and CNET. Jim Lanzone has been in the website- since 1998, and has thrived ever since and is still involved with the business as CEO.  


All in all, Yahoo is a massive company that most people have heard of over their lifetime. Although it looks to be on the popularity decline, they still play a massive role in today’s society, and they keep creating new products and services that work well for you. 

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